Sunday, July 20, 2008

Click 1.5 M2 now available!

Click 1.5 Milestone 2 is available for download. This is the second installment in the 1.5 development branch and provides important new features and bug fixes.

Highlights for this release:
  • ActionListener - new interface provides compile time safety and support for code refactoring tools.
  • ControlRegistry - enables two phase listener dispatch, which allows Controls to bind request parameters before listeners are fired.
  • Introduced a new resource deployment strategy for Jars containing Page and Control resources.
New documentation:
Issues resolved:
  • Added a new PageButton control [392].
  • Add new method CheckboxTree.setSelectChildNodes that enables selecting child nodes when parent is selected. This feature only works if the Tree's Javascript support is enabled. [209].
  • Added Romanian property files. This issue was raised and fixed by Marius Petrus [361].
  • Add width support to TabbedPanel control [376].
  • Add ClickUtils autoPostRedirect() method to support SAML integration [398].
  • Renamed Container.add(int, Control) to Container.insert(Control, int) [381].
  • Update Form to use control message bundles for label required prefix/suffix [383].
  • Update HtmlStringBuffer to support method chaining. This issue was raised by Demetrios Kyriakis [396].
  • Updated Menu to only be cached in production or profile modes. [408].
  • Moved AbstractContainerField control to Click Extras. [410].
  • Fixed TabbedPanel bug whereby inactive panel HTML imports are included in page [366].
  • Fixed bug when manually invalidating HttpSession [371].
  • Fixed PropertySelect add ordering to query bug [372].
  • Fixed message properties to resolve all parent messages [373].
  • Fixed Labels not rendering in a FieldSet bug [377].
  • Fixed Form removeField throws IllegalArgumentException bug [378].
  • Fixed bug where Format is not available in template of stateful pages. [409].
Enjoy Click.

The Click team.