Monday, March 31, 2008

Click 1.4.1 is available!

Click web framework version 1.4.1 is now available. First up the links:

This release fixes a number of important JSP and Ajax related bugs.

Changes include:
  • Added new method Context.isAjaxRequest() which enables conditional checking for Ajax requests.
  • Improved alphanumeric column sorting. This issue was raised by Ben Young. [344]
  • Upgradeded to Scriptaculous 1.8.1 to fix auto form submit. This issue was raised by Andy Key. [336]
  • Fixed sendRedirect to convert .jsp extension to .htm when redirecting to a JSP page. [338]
  • Fixed Form clearValues() to exclude certain HiddenFields from being cleared. [337]
  • Fixed Form action incorrect when using JSP. This issue was raised by Chas Erickson. [334]
  • Fixed Form.onSubmitCheck() to ignore Ajax calls. This issue was raised by Ivan Furdi. [333]
  • Fixed Form and FieldSet column layout bug [331].
For those interested in the latest development release (1.5M1) can view the roadmap below:

The Click team.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ClickIDE 2.0.0 released: now with Cayenne and Spring support

Naoki Takezoe has released the latest version of ClickIDE. This release supports Click Framework 1.4 and Eclipse 3.3/WTP 2.0.
Important links:

There have been a couple of important new features:

New Features:
  • Generates Click project with Cayenne and Spring support.
  • Added new Cayenne mapping project creation wizard.
  • Added Cayenne Modeler launcher.
  • Wizard generates an empty cayenne.xml and launches it with Cayenne Modeler.
  • Added classpath variables "CAYENNE_LIB" and "CAYENNE_NODEPS_LIB". You can add cayenne.jar or cayenne-nodeps.jar to your project classpath using these variables from the project build path settings.
  • Additional Velocity variables configuration for code completion in the project property page.
Enjoy Click!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Click 1.4 final released!

Click 1.4 has been released yesterday. A big thanks goes to all users and developers for their contributions in making this release possible. Important links:

Click is a simple and intuitive page and component oriented Java web framework. There are no unnecessary abstractions or complex concepts to learn and understand. Pages and components are developed in Java while layouts are specified in Velocity or JSP. You don't have to repeat component hierarchies in your view as each component knows how to render itself.

Highlights for 1.4 includes:
  • Stateful page support which really make developing complex pages and page flows much easier.
  • New PerformanceFilter which gives your applications Yahoo style performance for very little effort.
  • New AutoCompleteTextField control which gives you Ajax google suggest functionality.
  • New Ant task to build quickly build application templates or scaffolding.
  • Added support for Cayenne versions 2.x and 3.x.
  • ThreadLocal Context support which giving you access to the Context in page constructors.
  • New Control event methods, onInit(), onRender() and onDestroy().
  • Lots more code examples and design patterns on click-examples.
  • Performance improvements.
Since RC3 there have been a couple of important bug fixes:

  • Updated Cayenne controls to support Cayenne version 3.0.
  • Fixed CayenneForm save() method inserting multiple new entries bug. This issue was raised and fixed Tore Halset [307].
  • Fixed Table invalid handling params bug. This issue was raised and fixed by Satoshi Takata [308].
  • Fixed DateField readonly JavaScript bug. This issue was raised by Tore Halset [309].
  • Fixed DateField Dutch Calendar translation. This issue was raised by Harry Wissiak [310].
  • Fixed DateField $imports usage JavaScript bug. This issue was raised by Itou Akihiro [311].
  • Fixed bug where charset encoding being set after request parameters are read. This issue was raised and fixed by Ricardo Lecheta [312].
  • Fixed ThreadLocal Context forwarding bug on Jetty 5.1.*. This issue was raised by Ricardo Lecheta [314].
  • Fixed '' Ajax.Autocompleter bug with IE. This issue was raised by Itou Akihiro [322].
  • Fixed CompressionServletResponseWrapper NPE bugs on WebSphere and Jetty. This issue was raised by Ricardo Lecheta [323].

The Click team.