Sunday, November 9, 2008

ClickIDE 2.1.0 released: support Click 1.5

A new version of ClickIDE is available. This release supports Click 1.5 and Eclipse 3.4/WTP 3.0.

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Enjoy Click!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Click 1.5 final is released!

Click 1.5 is production ready and available for download.

This is our biggest release yet with numerous new features, enhancements, documentation and examples.

We would like to thank everyone for their contributions to the 1.5 release.

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Highlights for 1.5 include:
  • Container - new interface for building arbitrary complex, hierarchical Controls.
  • ActionListener - new interface provides compile time safety and support for code refactoring tools.
  • Performance have been enhanced by rendering markup from a single buffer. In previous releases each Control managed its own internal String buffer. Our tests indicate performance gains of up to 40%.
  • Services - Click core has been refactored into pluggable services.
  • Added Freemarker support as an alternative templating engine to Velocity. See FreemarkerTemplateService for configuration details.
  • Provide three logging service implementations: ConsoleLogService, JdkLogService and Log4JLogService
  • Mock Test Support - introduces an easy to use package to write Unit and Functional Tests.
  • ControlRegistry - enables two phase listener dispatch, which allows Controls to bind request parameters before listeners are fired.
  • A new deployment strategy allows deployment of resources directly from jars.
  • New Renderable interface allows alternative paginator implementations for Table. Two implementations are available with Click 1.5: TablePaginator and TableInlinePaginator.
  • A new Powered by Click section was added. If you would like to add your own site to this list, please drop us a mail at one of our Mailing Lists, or directly to "sabob1gmailcom".
New documentation:

New examples:
Issues resolved since RC3:
  • Added Dutch language support, contributed by Christopher Highway.
  • Improved Form to process controls even if their names is not defined. [463].
  • Fixed ContainerUtils.copyTo where the wrong getter method could be used when a domain object contains multiple overloaded getter methods. This issue was raised by Alvin Townsend [461].
  • Fixed Column internal Comparator which does not take sort order into consideration for non Comparable instances [462].
  • Fixed Panel.getId() to return null if name is not defined [464].
  • Fixed VelocityTemplateService to cater for custom defined Velocity loggers. This issue was raised by Vikram Natarajan [465].

Enjoy Click!

The Click team.