Monday, May 19, 2008

Click 1.5 Milestone 1 released!

Click 1.5 Milestone 1 has been released yesterday. This is the first installment in the 1.5 development branch and provides a host of new features. Important links:

Highlights for 1.5-M1 include:
  • Container - new interface for building arbitrary complex, hierarchical Controls.
  • Services - Click core has been refactored into pluggable services.
  • Added Freemarker support as an alternative templating engine to Velocity. See FreemarkerTemplateService for configuration details.
  • Mock Test Support - introduces an easy to use package to write Unit and Functional Tests.
  • A new Powered by Click section was added. If you would like to add your own site to this list, please send us a mail to one of our Mailing Lists, or directly to "sabob1 at".
  • More examples and documentation.
New Examples:
New documentation:
Issues resolved:
  • Improved performance by rendering from a single non-blocking buffer.
  • Added a Country Select control based on the JDK's own built in Country/Locale support.
  • Added a Virtual Keyboard control using GreyWyvern JavaScript library.
  • Added support for setting Form action URL attribute. This issue was raised by Erdem Gunay [319].
  • Added support for Page HTML imports with a new getHtmlImports() method. This enables Pages to programatically define HTML imports which will be included in a border template using the PageImports object. This issue was raised by David Frizelle [329].
  • Add Page setTemplate(String) method to enable dynamic changing of a page border template. This issue was raised by Huy Do [353].
  • Updated Page.setPath to handle JSP resources. This issue was raised and fixed by Huy Do. [141].
  • Added support for Hibernate AnnocationConfiguration. This issue was fixed by Jean-Francois. [355].
  • Improved FileUpload support. This issue was raised by Ricardo Lecheta [326].
  • Improve File Upload support with new FileUploadService class. [326].
  • Fixed Cayenne PropertySelect which is not reset to original value. This is was raised by Tore Halset [317].
  • Fixed Cayenne 3.0M3 DataObjectUtils issue in CayenneForm when using JDK 1.5. Added CayenneUtils helper class [342].

The Click team.

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