Monday, October 20, 2008

Click 1.5 RC 3 is here!

This marks the third (and final) release candidate as Click is rapidly progressing towards a stable 1.5.

We urge everyone to try out RC3 and provide feedback via our mailing lists and issue tracker.

New examples for this release:
  • Wizard demo shows how to leverage a stateful page and Panels to create a process flow. Each Step in the process is represented by a Panel which is managed by the stateful Page.
  • Populate on select shows how items in one combo box is populated based on the selected item in another using JavaScript.
  • FormTable demo shows how a FormTable can be used together with an existing Form.
  • Page link tree provides a demonstration of using the Tree component to link to different pages.
New documentation:
Issues resolved for RC3:
  • Added containing a new property formtable-error. When adding FormTable to an external From, the formtable-error will be displayed if one of the FormTable fields contains an error.
  • Renamed ContainerUtils method getFields to getInputFields which better reflect its behavior [457].
  • Fixed TabbedForm and TabbedCayenneForm to import JavaScript and CSS from their superclass. This issue was raised by Christophe Foiret [450].
  • Fixed CayenneForm performing multiple inserts [452].
  • Fixed FormTable duplicate HTML imports [453].
  • Fixed XmlConfigService not deploying JAR resources [454].
  • Fixed Page.setRedirect to guard against duplicate context paths. This issue was raised and fixed by Ricardo Lecheta [456].
  • Fixed CountrySelect to exclude duplicate countries. This issue was raised and fixed by Christopher Highway [458].
Enjoy Click.

The Click team.

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