Monday, May 18, 2009

Click 1.5.2 now available

Click 1.5.2 is another maintenance release in the 1.5 series. It also includes some new features such as a plug-able security access controller and improved Spring integration.

Please note that this is a non-Apache release. For new projects use Apache Click which is continuing the development of this framework.

Changes are:
  • Added plug-able security access controller (AccessController) to Menu class. This plug-able interface enable use of security frameworks such as ACEGI or JSecurity to control user access to Menu items. This issue was raised by Demetrios Kyriakis [406].
  • Improved performance in situations where many controls are added to a page by decreasing the buffer size used for including HTML imports.
  • Improved Column decorator error handling [495].
  • Improved PerformanceFilter to implement exclude-paths filtering [498].
  • Improved Spring integration with SpringClickServlet [534].
  • Improved CompressionServletResponseWrapper and CompressionResponseStream classes to have public visibility to enable use in custom servlet Filters [547].
  • Fixed Column sorting to recognize numbers inside strings. This issue was raised by Venkatt Guhesan [489].
  • Fixed a bug where FieldSet was not set as the parent of its child controls. This issue was raised by James P Brown [497].
  • Fixed DateField setup to destroy the DHTML calendar instance when the popup is closed. This fixes a memory leak where calendar instances are not cleaned up [499].
  • Fixed FormTable sorting bug. Added FormTable sort methods setSortedColumn, setSortedAscending, setPageNumber for programmatic sorting. This issue was raised and fixed by Ben Warner [527].
  • Fixed a bug in AutoCompleteTextField where if the field was removed from a Form, its JavaScript resources would still be rendered. This issue was raised by Paul Zammit [546].
  • Fixed extras pom.xml dependencies [492].
  • Updated Velocity library to version 1.6.2.

The Click team.

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