Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ClickIDE 2.0.0 released: now with Cayenne and Spring support

Naoki Takezoe has released the latest version of ClickIDE. This release supports Click Framework 1.4 and Eclipse 3.3/WTP 2.0.
Important links:

There have been a couple of important new features:

New Features:
  • Generates Click project with Cayenne and Spring support.
  • Added new Cayenne mapping project creation wizard.
  • Added Cayenne Modeler launcher.
  • Wizard generates an empty cayenne.xml and launches it with Cayenne Modeler.
  • Added classpath variables "CAYENNE_LIB" and "CAYENNE_NODEPS_LIB". You can add cayenne.jar or cayenne-nodeps.jar to your project classpath using these variables from the project build path settings.
  • Additional Velocity variables configuration for code completion in the project property page.
Enjoy Click!