Sunday, August 17, 2008

Click 1.5 M3 is now available!

Milestone 3 is the final milestone in the 1.5 series and provides much improved backward compatibility.

Highlights for this release:
  • New features include a pluggable Paginator for Table and two implementations: DefaultPaginator and InlinePaginator.
  • Major refactoring to improve backward compatibility and upgrade path. This includes removing BasicForm and adding new Controls HtmlForm and HtmlFieldSet.
  • Added support for multiple page package definitions in click.xml configuration
New documentation:
New examples:
Issues resolved:
  • Added readonly and disabled support to FieldSet. If enabled Fields contained in FieldSet will be disabled or made readonly. [423].
  • Added Table footer rendering support, so that column totals can be rendered in a table [425].
  • Improved Table rendering performance in the order of 25-45%.
  • Improved rendering performance by caching the ClickUtils resource version indicator [412].
  • Improved Page and PageImports to allow a Pages to optimize their HTML imports. Please see Click Examples for a demonstration [363].
  • Fixed issue where Select validation can throw ClassCastException when option list contains an OptionGroup. This issue was identifier by Christophe Foiret [374].
  • Fixed issue where Container can be added to itself. This issue was identifier by Harry Wissiak [414].
  • Fixed Page serialization issues with non serializable Format and PageImport objects. This issue was identifier by Alexei Sokolov [416].
  • Fixed issue where CayenneForm clearValues() was hidden data object classname. This issue was identifier by Wisking Ju Yu Wu [417].
  • Fixed issue where TabbedPanel was invoking the activePanel's onInit() method twice. This issue was identifier by Wisking Ju Yu Wu [420].
Enjoy Click.

The Click team.

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